Since I don't wash my hair, it stopped falling and grows much faster


this is NOT a promotion of "no-poo" (shampoo-free) method.
On the contrary, I am against it. I also don´t use dry shampoos.


What I am going to share with you has logical reasons, we try to look at your hair in different way.


Maybe your first questions are like:

Is it suitable for me too?
Definitely yes - it is suitable for every type of hair and scalp.


Will I have to go to the hairdresser or can I do it at home?
You don't have to go anywhere. You can do it alone at home.


Is it any new technology for which I will pay 2 payouts?
No, calm down 😉 Your hair budget will remain unchanged.


Does it work at all? Would you like to see proof that you're not wasting time here?

OK. I am the proof myself - see my hair then and now (more photos below the article).

Do you see 1 difference?😆 I gradually cut everything bleached, I have new healthy hair and much longer

How long did it take and what did I change?

Why don't I actually wash my hair?

What does "washing your hair" actually mean?
Soak them, apply shampoo, foam (sometimes maybe twice) and rinse... hm?

I've been doing this for 25 years. Last years my hair fell mainly after washing and combing, it remained between my fingers.

And the length? It was still the same, because what grew up I cut at the damaged ends.


Once a quote popped up on my FB:

"Only a fool does the same thing over and over and expects a different result".


Don't I do the same by chance? 🤔

I'm sorry, but I'm intelligent and funny (and I a great chef too) 😂

odkedy si neumývam vlasy prestali mi padať a rastú ako divé the garden kozmetika na vlasy
summer 2016

So how can I stop hair loss and accelerate growth? What should I change?

I'm starting to google, I need advice. Did you know that a hair consultant or specialist is also called a trichologist? I have never heard in my life;)

I found one, so I wrote an email. I was expecting a woman, logically.
And he is a man. Never mind. When a man can be a gynecologist. 😁


I am writing how I regularly wash my hair, what type of masks, conditioners, wraps and oils I use. Just expensive brands, let the boy see that I'm not saving on my hair. 😉

And he (OMG!), that it's wasted money, price has nothing to do with hair loss or hair growth.


That the basis of hair health is clean and hydrated scalp, clean hair follicles and roots. (Really? Hundreds of euros over the last year spent unnecessarily?)
So I am picking up the phone to call him. "Hello, it's me, how did mean that wasted money? I used expensive and quality hair cosmetics...."


But he goes his own way on the phone: "Yes, the basis of hair health is clean roots, clean follicles, hydrated elastic scalp and regular cleaning." Similar to spring and autumn detox, adjusting your diet, take various detox treatments, teas or do cleansing fasts, so


it is also important to clean and nourish the scalp and roots.


And give them proper nutrition from inside and outside.", he finished...
(me) - AHA.🤔

odkedy si neumývam vlasy prestali mi padať a rastú ako divé the garden kozmetika na vlasy
april 2018

But beware!
Probably the biggest mistake is to buy a shampoo according to the type of hair. We almost all have a dry hair, don't we?


Now I know choosing a shampoo according to the type of SCALP not hair is the right way. It's about the scalp, ladies. 😉

And since the scalp can be oily, dry, mixed or normal, it makes sense for cosmetics to be divided according to it. Therefore, regular shampoos cannot work.


And I will also learn the shampoo is only 30-40% cleansing. Because it acts on the surface and then we wash it off. The rest of work makes a cleansing tonic. It does not wash, disrupts and dissolves sebum around the roots and penetrates deeper into the scalp. Hair tonic is even more important than shampoo, but they complement each other.


Trichologist explained to me how it works, that modern trichologist´s hair tonics contain nanoparticles of silver and gold, cleanse and hydrate, help 6 to 12 herbs penetrate deeper into the scalp - down to the roots.


Depending on the scalp type, there are 3, for dry scalp (with gold particles), for oily scalp (with silver) and for normal scalp (named white). The hair mask is said to contain liquid crystals to restore the hair surface, easier combing and shine. (I need this!).

odkedy si neumývam vlasy prestali mi padať a rastú ako divé the garden kozmetika na vlasy
april 2019

Adrian, the senior trichologist, then speaks about the reason to develop own hair cosmetics brand, due to the lack of powerful cosmetics on the market.
Their (a team of trichologists) brand of cosmetics is natural (100% vegan, without silicones, SLS / SLES, dyes, etc.) and is made in Central Europe, 30€ for a set of shampoo + tonic, about 40€ with a half-kilogram hair mask.


The cosmetic was designed by trichologists together with an herbalist and phytotherapist studied in China. They made their own brand because there was nothing like that on the market. Their motto is:


"Everything your hair needs grows in the garden."


Since the brand name is "The GARDEN", it's quite appropriate 👍😉


At the end of the phone call he explains to me why the "no-poo" method may not work well. The water itself does not have the necessary acidity to wash grease and dirt from the hair and scalp and doesn´t prevent the formation of limescale. What about flour? I'd rather save that in a cake, it doesn't belong on my hair...


So, my dear, yes!
Yes, each of us is unique. Smart, funny and - we can also cook 😁
We just sometimes don't have the right informations. It's not our fault.


I haven't washed my hair for years.


I clean my scalp with a trichologist-designed shampoo, I regularly water the hair follicles and roots with tonics for growth and anti-hair loss. Because, what this trichologist advised me, makes sense to me - and visible results.


And not just me. No wonder they have thousands of REAL positive reviews...


(for more pics of my hair - instagram @mika_stell)