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The Central Europe´s Most Asked Hair Specialist (trichologist)
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Adrian Mokris is known as the Central Europe´s most asked certified hair loss specialist (trichologist) and hair cosmetics designer. His recipies have helped thousands of women and men in various Central Europe´s countries.

The Natural Hair Expert Cosmetics from The GARDEN® is current brand used by all hair type women with colored or natural color hair and woman from all walks of life who may experience hair loss, thin hair, none or slow hair growth or want to become more confident and attractive for oposite gender.

In addition to providing recommendations for scalp healing and effective improvement of all hair types, Adrian has become known for special recipe combining secret ancient hair formula with most advanced today´s technologies.

The GARDEN® hair cosmetics is designed and formulated by 2 trichologists, one phytoterapist and 2 oriental medicine experts with an emphasis on high efficiency and natural origin high quality herbs.
Thanks to its real women´s hair improvements and results is best selling set "Hair Cell Therapy" often sold out at all available e-shops...

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