Frequently asked questions

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When does the package come to me?

We ship the packages within 12-24 hours after the order, so you will receive the package in 2-5 days.

Can I use SILVER formula Shampoo shampoo with quinine during pregnancy and during breast-feeding?

Yes, there is no pure quinine in the shampoo but a quinine bark extract and it is of course only intended for external use 🙂

Can I drink DuoLife supplements - collagen and chlorophyll during pregnancy?

Dr. Kardasz, the author of DuoLife products, recommends drinking liquid collagen in half the dose (approx. 1x 15ml per day) to pregnant women as an excellent source of amino acids for both mother and child, preventing hair loss, poor skin and nail condition. He also recommends pregnant women Chlorophyll 5 ml in the morning and 5 ml in the evening - it contains a large amount of magnesium, which is often missing in 2-3 trimesters and its deficiency can cause cramps in the calves or spasms of the uterus. Products Day and Night - also half doses Liquid Gold is very good at developing a baby's brain. Vita C to prevent colds and flu ...

How to use products correctly?

Apply hair tonics to the scalp, massage and not rinse.
Shampoos are recommended to be used so that about 1PL shampoo is poured into a glass with warm water and used for 2x. The first half of the glass is foamed on the hair and rinsed with "thick" dirt and grease, the other half should then foam more, massage your scalp with fingertips and let it work for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
After washing, we recommend using a moisturizing mask or protective balm if you plan to heat the hair. Use the hair mask after washing and leave for 5-30 minutes and then rinse with cooler water. Rapuncell hair tonics contain safe preservatives that evaporate (Silver, White) - the Golden Solution tonic is even without preservatives. They do not need to be washed off - on the contrary, they are intended to be rubbed into the scalp to the roots.

When will I see the first results?

Someone sees first results after first use, someone after a month. There is nothing unusual if major changes in hair occur after 3 months, depending on the condition of the hair, its damage level and overall health. So there is no timing, it is very individual.

I started using your tonics and my hair was even greaser, I had to wash my hair more often. Is it OK?

Increased scalp oitment in the first weeks of using tonic is a signal that the sebum formed around the hair roots is starting to dissolve - so it is a good sign that you are using the tonic properly. If it bothers you, use a tonic in minimal doses (but the cleaning process will take longer) or use it only before washing your hair, at least one hour in advance, massage your skin well and then rinse the dissolved sebum during hair washing ...

I have ruined, brittle hair that doesn't grow at all. What do you recommend?

Apply external and internal access simultaneously. Bell - suitable hair cosmetics. Inside - the right nutrition. Hair is 88% of anacid and protein, so for healthy hair growth it is necessary to increase protein intake such as. soy, tofu, lentils, skinless chicken breasts and other minerals and vitamins. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, add GW chlorella to your diet (later in our eshop).

How to get rid of static hair?

Especially in winter it is a common phenomenon. The recommended cosmetics do not contain any silicones, so the hair remains completely clean after just a few hair washes, all dirt, gels and possibly silicones are washed out of the hair if it has been contained in your previous hair cosmetics (or used by your hairdresser). Static hair electrification is most powerful when you have completely clean and dry hair and is even stronger when temperature changes. For example, when you come out of the freezing air outside in the winter in a warm flat Hair is lacking in hydration, we recommend combing your hair with a wet comb, brush, or applying some gel to your hair. It also helps to spray the comb with hairspray or apply hair milk to your hair length. You will not only reduce electrification, but you will also give your hair lack of moisture, enhance flexibility and prevent hair from breaking.

Curly hair?

Curly hair requires more care. Suitable shampoos are silicone-free, I recommend using the SILVER set for fast-greasing hair or GOLDEN set in case of dry skin and dry hair. Hair milk rubs into hair length. Never comb, just wet with thick combs to avoid breaking. Do not grab wet hair with your hands.

I would like to accelerate the hair growth even more. What nutritional supplements would you recommend me?

This question asks for a little longer answer, and so I am dealing with it in a separate blog post

It doesn't work for me. What am I doing wrong?

You combine the best hair cosmetics with the most appropriate diet and ingredient called patience And honest approach. You just lie to yourself with an unsuitable diet. Diet adjustment and new hair cosmetics need time. Every change takes a while. We have record-holders but also patient women. Each of us is different, we have a different health status. Also the condition of hair and scalp. So let's not expect the improvements to come at the same time with each of us. I keep my fingers crossed and I wish you beautiful and healthy hair.